WEEK 16 – You can’t eat a recipe!


How many of us love looking at pictures of delicious food?

Like this Irish Stew with Guinness?

irish-stew-tf2 (1)

Salivating, you see a reference for the recipe and you go download it, print it off and stick on your fridge ( after all  St. Patricks days is coming up soon!)

This is a fabulous dish, full of wonderful flavours, aromas , textures and warmth.

All of the ingredients are readily available, you have step by step instructions that take you through it’s culinary manifestation.

The thing is a lot of things can go wrong if you don’t follow the recipe exactly as instructed.

Whilst we all love to express our own individuality & creativeness if the very basic fundemental steps are not adhered too the dog may not even appreciated your “lumpy” flour clumped casserole, burnt meat stuck to the pot flavours!

Success principles in life are much the same when it comes to following proven techniques (recipes) that yield a banquest that satisfies lifes hunger.

Meddling with these principles will yield results akin to your lumpy burnt cassarole.

Following and IMPLEMENTING them will yield a wholesome stew that nourishes mind, body & soul!

Here is a quick recipe for you to try:

Rememebr you cannot eat this but you can “digest”  and implement  🙂



WEEK 15 – Educing our Greatness

We’ve all heard it before, the definition of education, or have we? Do we really know and understand the true & proper definition of education?
Education derives from the word EDUCO which means to draw forth from within.
The original teaching method of Socrates of drawing from within has been largely displaced by professorial deference to receive scholarly authority.

Students are taught how to take exams but not how to think, write or find their own path !

So what do we do to correct this? To take back our inherent power? To become a creator of our circumstances rather than a creature of circumstances?

Simply taking some time out to reflect, to ask some questions, to clear the mind through rest, through meditation, to listen to what your “other” brains (heart & gut ) are telling you.
To strip away thoughts that haven’t been serving you, to replace with thoughts that serve you & others?

Easier said than done? Well how about taking the advice in this short video?

The time is right for me in 2016 to make some significant changes.
The years are “quickening” and a more fulfilling/productive future is there to be grasped!

So how is this done you might ask?
There are lots of simple and yet terrific techniques for accomplishing this — I’m privileged to have been and still being exposed to a multitude of these techniques via the MKMMA.

Simple yet powerful specific instructions around gratitude, accomplishments/achievements. Having fun implementing my Daily Blueprint Building exercises and now looking forward to participating in the Benjamin Franklin Makeover process. (hint: Virtue recognition )

All will be revealed in future blogs, stay tuned and stay focused on what you desire!





WEEK 14 – Harmony :)

This week, Christmas week, one of our exercises entails concentrating on Harmony !

Whilst this is a fabulous sentiment, asking to focus on harmony in a week where the “family” are living, eating, sleeping, watching TV, heads stuck in ipads/phones is really taking the mick as we say in this neck of the woods.

Or so I thought !!!

Normally, whilst it is great to have everyone home for the Christmas break ( except No. 1 daughter Aisling, living it up in Oz!), this can be a crazy, loving and argumentative time but not this time.

melody harmony

I consciously made an effort not to be the stirrer ( antagonist ) .. a side of me that liked to wind up family members with petty annoyances just for the craic. This has been a trait of mine which is meant to be just a bit of fun but this year it actually hit me how annoying it must have been when I saw how less “conflict” & arguing actually occured during this period.

We had fun, we actually had some good, meaningful conversations & we didn’t argue over what to watch on TV even do we did have a few “long” reviews of options on NetFlicks.

No fights, first time ever! A really HARMONIOUS time had by all.

So for me especially, this was a major breakthrough and almost felt like a “growing up” process. A little tinge of guilt actually swept across me when I realised how much disharmony I had previously caused. Concentrating on harmony has been a revelation for me as I’ve moved away from a behaviour that certainly wasn’t serving anyone.

So now I just subject them to my creative witty repartee which tends to amuse me more than them 🙂 But more importantly I’ve taking this outside in all aspects of my life now.

Another ask this period was to watch a few suggested movies. I watched “Rudy” in his quest to play for the Fighting Irish  – a terrific movie about a dreamer who just wouldn’t quit!

Also watched “Wild” featuring Reese Witherspoons, sic ” What if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t do a single thing differently for what if all those things I did were the things that got me here?”

You will witness all 4 habits associated with the development and expression of persistence in both of these movies.

I look forward to a more peaceful and harmonious future developed from a persistent & consistent focus on my intention to express harmony first from within and then to all I encounter!




WEEK 13 – When things don’t work out

As the year end approaches and certain goals/targets/ are not achieved and it doesn’t look like you will achieve them ( unless a miracle happens!) what sort of thoughts flash thro our heads?

Thoughts of doubt, scarcity, fear, failure or thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for what we did actually achieve?
failure vr person

I gone thro’ both recently. A lot of reflection, some beating myself up and some slapping myself on the back but you know what?? My journey thro MKMMA has been and continues to be a source of inspiration for me to really internalise the understanding that everything happens in my life for a reason and all the results showing up in my life are the result of my thinking and actions ( or lack thereof).

I set some aggressive goals in 2015, deliberately with short timelines as I’m one that probably works best under pressure ….  (code for procrastinator and perfectionist 🙂

Another reason I set some outrageous goals was to test the process I’m now working thro with the intention to draw out the best from within me. If I told you this was an easy process I’d be telling you a lie. If I told you it was damn hard I’m be reaffirming some old beliefs and self destructive patterns/habits ( so I wont 🙂

What I can say is that taking control as much as possible of my thought processes throughout the day, catching myself slipping, consciously re programming when I remember or schedule is amazing experience. Even just being aware and self observing of this process is both fun and frustrating.

The Guy in the Mirror exercise ….. judge and jury looking square back at the defendant …. sometimes I don’t turn the light on in the bathroom some nights 🙂

I’m looking forward to the implementing the pain/pleasure dynamic using the NARC technique – will defo keep you posted on that one!

Here is a thought provoking short video re pain vrs pleasure:

Realising that I now have no one to blame for my lack of success re certain goals I’ve yet to achieve has created a void that I’m now filling with self directed ( with help from MKMMA ) progressive, & compounding exercises/activities.

moving forward

I will not be making any New Years resolutions for the first time every in my life as I’m already working through my specific plan for a total makeover/transformation and here is the kicker: I now know that the various “failures” & “non- goal achievements” are but seeds of future opportunities for me to grow, become more, serve more and achieve more for myself, my family and for those lives I come into contact with in whatever plane 🙂

WEEK 12 …What’s going on?

Going through a “conscious” process of retraining my conscious & subconscious mind is an amazing journey! Have you ever tried it? Whatever about deciding to get fit, lose some weight, start a new project, making a decision to essentially reprogram yourself is an awesome thing to do.

change to understand

Having been a student of personal development for many years I’ve intellectually grasped a lot of the concepts, theories and practices of transformation. Alas I’ve probably fallen into the trap of many students who think the “know” it until the results of the exam come out …. in my case the results showing up in my life.

change world change myself

Doing enough to get by, well enough to lead and live a good life and enjoy lots of life’s treasures can sate a certain amount of our basic & materialistic needs but inside we know there is more, we can be more, do more & have more.

So why do so many of us settle for a life of “average” ?

It’s actually a choice, often subconscious, often self sabotaging.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist or to accept the responsibility for changing them.

I’m for changing them, again!  I’m hitting the reset button again.

Know what’s amazing this time around?  No, guilt around falling off the wagon, just excitement about getting back up on the bucking bronco of life.

I chose to reset, to restart again, today and it’s energising!

BTW I’ve also upped my RDA ( recommended daily allowance) of my latest medicine:




WEEK 11 – Character vrs Reputation

Let’s start off this blog with a recommendation from John Wooden:

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are”

Is that powerful or what?

good character

Whilst a great reputation will open doors for you it is based on your past actions. You can certainly capitalize on a great reputation ( maybe even hide behind it ,  ahem !) but it’s shine & allure will diminish if the character behind it fails to grow.

Leaving ego aside, of course our reputation is important, as we attempt to build our brand especially for those of us in business.

Let’s be very careful how we do that as character confirms reputation – good or bad!

habits into character

BIG lesson I’ve learned is that my character is sacrosanct.

It is something I cannot sell, transfer or trade yet It is such an intrinsic part of who I am.

As I’m on a continuous journey of self improvement it makes so much sense that I work on improving my character, the real me and that means changing some deep seated habits.

character vrs reputation

Changing habits requires persistence and here is the kicker: persistence is developed by changing/developing just a few simple yet powerful habits.

Persistence is a HABIT, it is actually a byproduct of 4 small habits:

  1. a definite purpose backed by a burning desire for it’s fulfillment
  2. a definite plan, expressed in continuous action
  3. a mind closed tightly against all negative/discouraging influences ( including negative suggestions of family, friends & acquaintances
  4. a friendly alliance with one or more persons who encourage you to follow through with plan & purpose.

So now it’s time for new habit creation/affirmation/implementation &  onto character creation !!





Week 10 – Self Assessment Test

Who loves a test? What is your first reaction when someone, a boss, a teacher, a mentor says to you …. Ok, time for a test! Lets’s see how you are progressing, how you are assimilating the teachings, the learnings, the course material.

Yikes! Spotlight now being turned on me. Cringy gut feeling of trepidation. Did I study enough? How well did I integrate this new knowledge? Can I articulate it back orally or even written? Can I demonstrate my understanding?

Can I even recall it ?  😉



Do we sometimes over estimate how good we really are?

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Is self assessment an oxymoron?

As the year approaches an end it is time for that introspective look within … how will I answer questions like:

Can I state what I want out of life in 12 words or less?

Do I perform successfully using hunches & intuition?

Are my actions consistent with my beliefs?

Bring it on, mental & spiritual gymnastics ahead!

And I won’t be barking like a dog!