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Tubridy eventually catches up with Declan Dowling and gets the inside track on “Cracked”

October 4th 2017, a beautiful fresh morning sitting on a cruiser boat in the Hodson Bay on Lough Ree having a coffee with Declan & Anne Dowling.  Ryan Tubridy is excited and nervous as he gets first dibs at interviewing the Dowling and digging into the phenomenon caused by “Cracked” the best seller penned by Declan. I actually honored to have been given the opportunity to record this interview as Ryan tells his TV crew to go back to shore …. there will be no cameras shooting any video here today (Annes orders!)

OK says Declan, le’s get the show on the road boys!

Ryan kicks if off by asking a very simple yet profound question … WHY did you write “Cracked”?Two years ago Declan & Anne were leading an average life, their youngest daughter just graduating from college. This ” education process & system”, which Declan had been part of for 25 years in NUIGalway left a void and over the ensuing years many attempts were made to fill that through immersion in books & seminars in the personal development arena.

An introduction to Charles Hannels Masterkey via the Delfin Knowledge System back in the late 90’s “cracked” Declan but a scattered  application of this knowledge led to scattered results and a slipping back into old seated habits and patterns of thinking.

Declan continued with … Ryan, did you ever hear the saying when the student is ready the teachers appears? Well a gentleman named Mark Januszewski and his fabulous wife Davene had been practicing and mentoring these teaching for a few years and Declan participated in their Scolarship program in October 2015.

This was the catalyst to creating “Cracked” which succinctly explains the processes of Declans experiences and life changing transformation.

But why has this book been flying off the shelves and still tops the charts today asks a perplexed and skeptical Ryan?  Declan throws the question right back at Ryan: Ryan, as a lover and avid reader of books, as a skilled interviewer of people, you tell me? How did this book touch you? What impact did this book have on you?

Hey I’m asking the questions say Ryan!  Declan stays schtum & after a staring matching which seemed to last 5 mins Ryan breaks the silence and blurts out: it got me thinking, it got me thinking about what I know I know but i don’t behave like I know!

WOW exclaimed Declan, the hairs are standing on my arms after that response!  He continues, Ryan, that was my conundrum, I knew deep inside there was a latent power being continually sabotaged and I knew and felt this was also inside everyone else. I went of a journey of self discovery, not realising it was being piloted by my ego. Holy cow as batman would say, that was a slap, a wake up call I got so many times but old paradigms had me push the snooze button time and time again. I needed to “crack” this once and for all Ryan.

At this point Declan visibly well up, something that Ryan instantly spotted and pounced on!

I see Declan that there is a lot of emotion spilling out here, is there something you need to share?

Anne interjects for a moment, her female intuition kicks in and brings the conversation back to the purpose and intention behind granting this interview ( Anne is not for dragging things out & fluffing about Declan had earlier warned me!)

What Declan is saying to you, a message to be conveyed loud and clear to all is that we are all powerful already, inside us all, just we’ve been “conditioned, educated, led, told, etc” to think in ways that smoother our true essence. People read “Cracked” and it resonates, it cracks them!

It calls upon their inner greatness and some choose to respond, step up and take ownership of their thinking processes. Declan facilitates that on many levels and probably best through the ” Cracked Life Foundation”  (CLF)  which is an organic legacy of self directed empowerment.

But how does it work Anne, Declan asks Ryan? We can all see the tremendous success  you’ve generated over the past 2 year, quiet phenominal actually?

It’s experiential Ryan replies Declan, you commit to a journey if you are ready. Your are more than welcome to particpate via CLF.

Sounds great Declan and how much does this privilege set me back asks Ryan?

You cannot buy this experience, you qualify for it and we scholarship you in!

Listen Ryan, the more we give the more we get, enabling us to give even more.

Ryan is still trying to get his head around this and asks: Can we do a TV documentary on your CLF to which Declan responds, I was giving  you about another 5 mins to ask before I was intending to ask you so the answer is yes the only caveat being that the participants are in agreement too.

Declan & Anne reach out to Ryan , shake his hand, extol their appreciation for his time and listening skills and all agree to and upcoming appearance on The Late Late Show to share this phenomenon to the nation.

As our cruiser approaches dock Declan and Annes kids are on the pier awaiting us to join them for lunch in The Hodson Bay Hotel as we get a further opportunity to see & feel a very lovely, warm and connected family interact with such peace & tranquility.

First time I’ve seen Ryan Tubridy stuck for words!