WEEK 7 – Watching me watching you!

This past week has been really strange.  We throw this word “transformation” out there in a very flippant manner. Whilst almost everyone has something they want to change in their lives few actually follow really through on so many of their desires/dreams. So transformation is something other people do, the lucky ones, the disciplined ones, the ones who know where they are going in life and what they want to do with themselves …… or is it?

There is something inside of me that yearns to help people transform as I look around and see so many people living life at a fraction of their power and capability ( myself included). I say this without judging, just observing, but of late, really in the last week as I “work” on my own transformation I’ve become really aware of myself observing people if that makes sense. It’s like as if my consciousness has moved up a gear as I catch my thoughts, about to form an opinion, a possible judgement even, and bring myself back into a space of balance/control.  It is almost like that feeling you get when you move from school to college. The sense of liberty, the choices you can now make in a whole new different world.

Only this time the background feelings of uncertainty are gone, it’s as if I really don’t need to know exactly what to do or how it’s going to come about. This may not be making sense and you are wondering what drugs this guy is on but when you step out of your current self created reality and start to examine some of your beliefs and thought patterns strange things happen.

As you observe your thoughts, catch yourself saying, thinking things that do not and have not served you well you become the observer of the observed! A bit like that sense you get when you are looking at a dirty window and in that moment you change your focus you see the magnificent view outside.

It’s amazing what you miss!

Ok, so we all miss things. So what? The above video brought it home for me about how important it is to be always looking out for “signs” that remind me, trigger thoughts & actions that keep me on track to manifest my personal pivotal needs. So I’m now seeing things from different perspectives yet choosing to respond from a strength activated by clarity of where I’m heading. Visualisation is such a powerful technique I’m using to incorporate what I’ve thought, written, mapped out.  A feeling of self direction has developed from my conscious practice of watching my own thoughts while watching & interacting with other people. I feel I’m starting to really communicate with people at a higher level, past just listening and waiting to jump in with my agenda ….. and it feels good!! It also feels good for those interacting with me too 🙂

So looking forward to continuing & sharing my journey! Have a great week!



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