WEEK 12 …What’s going on?

Going through a “conscious” process of retraining my conscious & subconscious mind is an amazing journey! Have you ever tried it? Whatever about deciding to get fit, lose some weight, start a new project, making a decision to essentially reprogram yourself is an awesome thing to do.

change to understand

Having been a student of personal development for many years I’ve intellectually grasped a lot of the concepts, theories and practices of transformation. Alas I’ve probably fallen into the trap of many students who think the “know” it until the results of the exam come out …. in my case the results showing up in my life.

change world change myself

Doing enough to get by, well enough to lead and live a good life and enjoy lots of life’s treasures can sate a certain amount of our basic & materialistic needs but inside we know there is more, we can be more, do more & have more.

So why do so many of us settle for a life of “average” ?

It’s actually a choice, often subconscious, often self sabotaging.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist or to accept the responsibility for changing them.

I’m for changing them, again!  I’m hitting the reset button again.

Know what’s amazing this time around?  No, guilt around falling off the wagon, just excitement about getting back up on the bucking bronco of life.

I chose to reset, to restart again, today and it’s energising!

BTW I’ve also upped my RDA ( recommended daily allowance) of my latest medicine:





3 thoughts on “WEEK 12 …What’s going on?

  1. Ellen L

    Reset, restart, every day, me too! Gotta love the process of building new habits; even when we don’t succeed in changing, we still learn!



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