WEEK 9 -Downtime & Celebration

This was “switch off & switch on ” week for me!

A week off from work to feed my mind, my body & my soul. Anne & I got to hit Italy for a week thereby realising one of my MKMMA goals.

chillaxin in Italy

The power of a goal with a strong intention behind should not be underestimated!!!

We were 35 years married on November 29th …. it’s one thing saying that out loud, even thinking it but when you write it ( which I’ve just done for the first time) it’s freaking awesome !! )

Dec Anne wedding 3 candles

Lots of lessons learned on this amazing journey full of love, laughter & challenges –  lots of which will be shared in my upcoming book!

As my gorgeous wife Anne says sometimes certain thing cannot be straightened out or at least are not meant to be straightened out.

Anne Pisa.jpg

You can try but ultimately we just relax and go with the flow……………… try it sometime 🙂



Week 8 – the Perils of Reaction

Probably the most testing week in my journey thro this MasterKey MasterMind Alliance!

Embracing both ends of the spectrums ref consciously maintaining an awareness around my thought processess and what life, including my job, throws up at me has been extremely challenging especially around how I found myself operating in reactive mode far too often for my liking.

I’m loving the quirky positive situations unfold as I really feel that inner creativeness expressing itself ….. goals starting to materialise, general sense of well being and expectation of further goal manifestation.

In saying that it is almost alarming how easily I get knocked off track, old behaviours still lying dormant looking for that crack to pop out …. subconscious reactive behaviours.

warning sign distraction

On reflection these behaviours are bothersome, actually they are more than bothersome, they are destructive! In saying that these behaviours have probably emerged as certain activities I need to do that were perhaps not prioritised ( i.e. they really were important but not urgent) and so ended up that I succumbed to periods of pure reactionary activity. This “reactionary” activity took immense pressure of me as I actually got a lot done but it was almost head down auto pilot stuff.

Seeing a goal about to manifest, a holiday on the horizon gave me a stupid ( in hindsight) belief that my reactionary behaviour was justifiable, needs must stuff.

Note to self: Round 8 in the battle of old vrs new goes to old. Time to lick the wounds, regroup and get back into the ring !



WEEK 7 – Watching me watching you!

This past week has been really strange.  We throw this word “transformation” out there in a very flippant manner. Whilst almost everyone has something they want to change in their lives few actually follow really through on so many of their desires/dreams. So transformation is something other people do, the lucky ones, the disciplined ones, the ones who know where they are going in life and what they want to do with themselves …… or is it?

There is something inside of me that yearns to help people transform as I look around and see so many people living life at a fraction of their power and capability ( myself included). I say this without judging, just observing, but of late, really in the last week as I “work” on my own transformation I’ve become really aware of myself observing people if that makes sense. It’s like as if my consciousness has moved up a gear as I catch my thoughts, about to form an opinion, a possible judgement even, and bring myself back into a space of balance/control.  It is almost like that feeling you get when you move from school to college. The sense of liberty, the choices you can now make in a whole new different world.

Only this time the background feelings of uncertainty are gone, it’s as if I really don’t need to know exactly what to do or how it’s going to come about. This may not be making sense and you are wondering what drugs this guy is on but when you step out of your current self created reality and start to examine some of your beliefs and thought patterns strange things happen.

As you observe your thoughts, catch yourself saying, thinking things that do not and have not served you well you become the observer of the observed! A bit like that sense you get when you are looking at a dirty window and in that moment you change your focus you see the magnificent view outside.

It’s amazing what you miss!

Ok, so we all miss things. So what? The above video brought it home for me about how important it is to be always looking out for “signs” that remind me, trigger thoughts & actions that keep me on track to manifest my personal pivotal needs. So I’m now seeing things from different perspectives yet choosing to respond from a strength activated by clarity of where I’m heading. Visualisation is such a powerful technique I’m using to incorporate what I’ve thought, written, mapped out.  A feeling of self direction has developed from my conscious practice of watching my own thoughts while watching & interacting with other people. I feel I’m starting to really communicate with people at a higher level, past just listening and waiting to jump in with my agenda ….. and it feels good!! It also feels good for those interacting with me too 🙂

So looking forward to continuing & sharing my journey! Have a great week!


WEEK 6 – Procrastination

Hmmmnnn, why have I been putting off writing this particular blog? 🙂

Lots of reasons/ excuses ranging from being lazy, to not taking responsibility, is it a chore? Wanting to have a great topic? Something of value to give the reader?

How about lack of focus, scattered and all of the shop?

Let’s tackle the lazy issue first!


We can all be a bit lazy at times, putting off a task or a chore for the immediate gratification of a TV show/football game, browsing thro Facebook, whatever distraction grabs your fancy at that time. Why do we do that? Are we really lazy or is there something else at work here at a deeper level?

I choose to believe that there is something deeper here as I know I’m not a lazy person 😉

You can find a plethora of advice on the internet about how to overcome it, believe me I’ve watched plenty of videos on the subject to avoid doing something !

So rather than WHAT to do about procrastination or HOW to overcome it let’s take a look at WHY we do it for a few minutes? All we are doing is actually giving problems to our future selves!!

Solving the Procrastination Puzzle  by  Timothy Psychyl, PhD. throws a facinating light on this subject and his lecture below is really worth a look!


There is plenty of scientific evidence out there to back up WHY we are prone to procrastination.

Our Limbic system is a a part of our brain that governs amongst other things our survival mechanisms and in there our basic yearning for pleasurable outcomes. Procrastination is often used as a basic tool to dodge a perceived or real chore as we succumb to an or any activity to sate our instant gratification limbic response.

We can analyse this to death, seek explanations from many sources but in the end I think this little story sums it up:

Picture this: A very busy manager who like so many tended to procrastinate over certain admin tasks and as a result usually ended up doing them last minute in prep for staff briefings  thereby causing said manager to be a few minutes late for meetings on a regular basis.

This manager arrived late one day for a local business networking event and after uttering an apology for being late the chairperson responded “Thats OK, it was your choice to be late”

WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM ……. that remark hurt, it cut deep but it was a serious wake up call,  an AHA moment !!

CHOICE!  Taking responsibility for our thoughts and feelings, becoming aware of our actions especially our sabotaging actions, our habits, patterns and CHOOSING to change, to embrace a new way(s) of thinking, behaving, creating new neural pathways thereby creating new mental blueprints.

A final thought for you to ponder: You make a decision to stop procrastinating, you know deep inside that this will result in you becoming more successful/fulfilled as you achieve all those things you only ever dreamed about, you see yourself in the future being happy , living the dream but there is a mental separation between who you are now and that person you have become , as if that person (you) is a stranger because they are living the life you desire & you are not. WHAT IF you made a conscious effort to befriend that new you, turn that new you into a dearly beloved trusted friend?  If your new best friend asked you to do something to help them would you let them down by not doing it?  Would you procrastinate now? 😉

WEEK 5 …. So you have an opinion?

Who do you know is opinionated?

Have you an opinion on something? On everything? 🙂  Of course we all have opinions  e.g.  sports ( yeah, Australia will defo win the rugby because  blah blah blah, the Government is a mess because blah, blah, blah etc etc

So let me share a major lesson I learned this week.


If I’m to get a clarity and focus around my own thoughts, beliefs and values what “supporting” messages am I flooding my brain with when I give or express an opinion? How are these opinions generated, from where do they come? From what basis, education, experiences, environment did I formulate these opinions?

Kaboooooommmm! Another slap! My ego is not enjoying this process of self reflection and analyses because he/she is being exposed … ha ha ha!

I’ve been so unwittingly attached to my opinions, not openly expressing them always but silently reaffirming over and over in my mind, too often engaged in conversations where I was only half listening, waiting like the tiger in the long grass for my chance to pounce in with words or wisdom/advice & judgement. Ego based BS as I once again got to show off how much I think I know about personal growth & development and at the same time yearn to share with people, to “help” them see the light, perhaps set them on a path of self discovery and self direction.

Big Aha moment! My opinions were emanating from ego based attachment to historic events, to people who influenced me,  to education etc & all for the purpose of feeling in control, self determined.

How on earth was I ever going to really move forward in my own thinking, creating my own thoughts, thereby my own reality if I was still attached (subconsciously!) to past influences, evidenced by expressing opinions!!!! My flippin’ opinions were linked to attachments formulated & perpetuated by my ego!

For me to really embrace growth and change I’ve decided to detach from my current reality in order to create a new one. Boy is my ego having fun with this decision 🙂

So the work begins in earnest for me.    No more opinions, even in my head, just non- judgemental observing go forward.

Opinions don’t matter:

Have a great week !

Week 4 …. Manifesting!

Another very interesting week!

The importance of singlemindedness, focus, strong intention and taking action really hit home this week as my mind was engaged in achieving a positive outcome on an issue that was taking a long time ( over 7 weeks!) to resolve. waiting

For whatever reason the universe conspires to “test” your resolve, your ability to just figure something out, to bring an issue to a favourable conclusion (or start even 🙂 ) …. that reason was exploded today!

A very strong desire, attached to lots of prayers ( from my darling wife 🙂 ) and more importantly taking specific yet decisive action yielded an outcome that has made us very very happy today. Holding a firm belief that whatever outcome resulted would be the best certainly manifested today and we are so grateful !

Whether you want to admit it or not we are all in a race …. the human race and unfortunately too many of us have being running this race for too long:

Clarity is so important for one to speed up the attainment of ones desires. Events this week, both personally and especially in work really hammered that message home to me.  On a daily basis I’m witnessing so many people running around like headless chickens, “thinking ” they are functioning to the best of their abilities, achieving results ( but for who?) yet totally out of congruence with who they really are.

Caught it the merry-go-round of WHAT do I need to do next and HOW do I get it done without overstressing myself … too many of us just don’t take the time to ask ourselves WHY am I doing this !!!

Whose VALUES have we bought into?   For what purpose?   A wage?


Perhaps this fantastic & enlightening talk will throw some light on our backward thinking process:

I’ve been put back on my rear end on reflection around certain goals I’ve been looking to clarify over the past few weeks. Asking the question WHY I want these goals to show up in my life has really got me thinking.

OK, time for more action now!

I’ve acquired a taste for almost instant manifestation so lets see what else I can cause to show up in the next few days 🙂

WEEK 3 …… Blast OFF!!!

Right, where do I start?  Week 3 and life is super fantastic!

Last Sundays webinar was absolutely amazing, so full of nuggets and butt kicking, ego thumping, “I know it ” bashing information that so resonated with me!

The so simple yet elusive concept of inserting little habitual chores/activities into my daily life seemed a bit childish to be honest until I got the “karate chop” from the immature Karate Kid clip:

I can see myself really getting into this blog writing thing having been quiet resistent to it initially.

You see I’m a talker, not a writer 🙂 but that is changing.

In fact, a lot is changing and changing for the better. Did you ever feel a time in your life that everything was just starting to slot into place? That the ducks were starting to line up for you? A sense of everything you do, touch seems to start going your way or if not exactly what you expect that something better shows up?

I’ve experienced this many times before and it feels fantastic.

I’ve also experienced the other side of it too but this time I actually feel more in control of this unfolding. It’s stemming from a more conscious awareness of my thinking.

Without a doubt the daily discipline of reading the prescribed lessons in the Masterkey by Haanel & The Greatest Saleman in the World by Og Mandino is causing a shift.

When a friend said to me today he was going to block me on Facebook I knew I was absolutely moving in the right direction.

So still weaving my masterpiece of definitive purpose, tweaking and re_tweaking despite some slight “resistance”, some shuffling of the deck chairs on the Titanic still popping into the frame but all is good, great even as the layers are peeled back.

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings as the work continues on this friend(s):

Habit (2)