WEEK 16 – You can’t eat a recipe!


How many of us love looking at pictures of delicious food?

Like this Irish Stew with Guinness?

irish-stew-tf2 (1)

Salivating, you see a reference for the recipe and you go download it, print it off and stick on your fridge ( after all  St. Patricks days is coming up soon!)

This is a fabulous dish, full of wonderful flavours, aromas , textures and warmth.

All of the ingredients are readily available, you have step by step instructions that take you through it’s culinary manifestation.

The thing is a lot of things can go wrong if you don’t follow the recipe exactly as instructed.

Whilst we all love to express our own individuality & creativeness if the very basic fundemental steps are not adhered too the dog may not even appreciated your “lumpy” flour clumped casserole, burnt meat stuck to the pot flavours!

Success principles in life are much the same when it comes to following proven techniques (recipes) that yield a banquest that satisfies lifes hunger.

Meddling with these principles will yield results akin to your lumpy burnt cassarole.

Following and IMPLEMENTING them will yield a wholesome stew that nourishes mind, body & soul!

Here is a quick recipe for you to try:

Rememebr you cannot eat this but you can “digest”  and implement  🙂



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