Week 10 – Self Assessment Test

Who loves a test? What is your first reaction when someone, a boss, a teacher, a mentor says to you …. Ok, time for a test! Lets’s see how you are progressing, how you are assimilating the teachings, the learnings, the course material.

Yikes! Spotlight now being turned on me. Cringy gut feeling of trepidation. Did I study enough? How well did I integrate this new knowledge? Can I articulate it back orally or even written? Can I demonstrate my understanding?

Can I even recall it ?  😉



Do we sometimes over estimate how good we really are?

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Is self assessment an oxymoron?

As the year approaches an end it is time for that introspective look within … how will I answer questions like:

Can I state what I want out of life in 12 words or less?

Do I perform successfully using hunches & intuition?

Are my actions consistent with my beliefs?

Bring it on, mental & spiritual gymnastics ahead!

And I won’t be barking like a dog!




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