WEEK 14 – Harmony :)

This week, Christmas week, one of our exercises entails concentrating on Harmony !

Whilst this is a fabulous sentiment, asking to focus on harmony in a week where the “family” are living, eating, sleeping, watching TV, heads stuck in ipads/phones is really taking the mick as we say in this neck of the woods.

Or so I thought !!!

Normally, whilst it is great to have everyone home for the Christmas break ( except No. 1 daughter Aisling, living it up in Oz!), this can be a crazy, loving and argumentative time but not this time.

melody harmony

I consciously made an effort not to be the stirrer ( antagonist ) .. a side of me that liked to wind up family members with petty annoyances just for the craic. This has been a trait of mine which is meant to be just a bit of fun but this year it actually hit me how annoying it must have been when I saw how less “conflict” & arguing actually occured during this period.

We had fun, we actually had some good, meaningful conversations & we didn’t argue over what to watch on TV even do we did have a few “long” reviews of options on NetFlicks.

No fights, first time ever! A really HARMONIOUS time had by all.

So for me especially, this was a major breakthrough and almost felt like a “growing up” process. A little tinge of guilt actually swept across me when I realised how much disharmony I had previously caused. Concentrating on harmony has been a revelation for me as I’ve moved away from a behaviour that certainly wasn’t serving anyone.

So now I just subject them to my creative witty repartee which tends to amuse me more than them 🙂 But more importantly I’ve taking this outside in all aspects of my life now.

Another ask this period was to watch a few suggested movies. I watched “Rudy” in his quest to play for the Fighting Irish  – a terrific movie about a dreamer who just wouldn’t quit!

Also watched “Wild” featuring Reese Witherspoons, sic ” What if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t do a single thing differently for what if all those things I did were the things that got me here?”

You will witness all 4 habits associated with the development and expression of persistence in both of these movies.

I look forward to a more peaceful and harmonious future developed from a persistent & consistent focus on my intention to express harmony first from within and then to all I encounter!





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