WEEK 13 – When things don’t work out

As the year end approaches and certain goals/targets/ are not achieved and it doesn’t look like you will achieve them ( unless a miracle happens!) what sort of thoughts flash thro our heads?

Thoughts of doubt, scarcity, fear, failure or thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for what we did actually achieve?
failure vr person

I gone thro’ both recently. A lot of reflection, some beating myself up and some slapping myself on the back but you know what?? My journey thro MKMMA has been and continues to be a source of inspiration for me to really internalise the understanding that everything happens in my life for a reason and all the results showing up in my life are the result of my thinking and actions ( or lack thereof).

I set some aggressive goals in 2015, deliberately with short timelines as I’m one that probably works best under pressure ….  (code for procrastinator and perfectionist 🙂

Another reason I set some outrageous goals was to test the process I’m now working thro with the intention to draw out the best from within me. If I told you this was an easy process I’d be telling you a lie. If I told you it was damn hard I’m be reaffirming some old beliefs and self destructive patterns/habits ( so I wont 🙂

What I can say is that taking control as much as possible of my thought processes throughout the day, catching myself slipping, consciously re programming when I remember or schedule is amazing experience. Even just being aware and self observing of this process is both fun and frustrating.

The Guy in the Mirror exercise ….. judge and jury looking square back at the defendant …. sometimes I don’t turn the light on in the bathroom some nights 🙂

I’m looking forward to the implementing the pain/pleasure dynamic using the NARC technique – will defo keep you posted on that one!

Here is a thought provoking short video re pain vrs pleasure:

Realising that I now have no one to blame for my lack of success re certain goals I’ve yet to achieve has created a void that I’m now filling with self directed ( with help from MKMMA ) progressive, & compounding exercises/activities.

moving forward

I will not be making any New Years resolutions for the first time every in my life as I’m already working through my specific plan for a total makeover/transformation and here is the kicker: I now know that the various “failures” & “non- goal achievements” are but seeds of future opportunities for me to grow, become more, serve more and achieve more for myself, my family and for those lives I come into contact with in whatever plane 🙂


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