Week 8 – the Perils of Reaction

Probably the most testing week in my journey thro this MasterKey MasterMind Alliance!

Embracing both ends of the spectrums ref consciously maintaining an awareness around my thought processess and what life, including my job, throws up at me has been extremely challenging especially around how I found myself operating in reactive mode far too often for my liking.

I’m loving the quirky positive situations unfold as I really feel that inner creativeness expressing itself ….. goals starting to materialise, general sense of well being and expectation of further goal manifestation.

In saying that it is almost alarming how easily I get knocked off track, old behaviours still lying dormant looking for that crack to pop out …. subconscious reactive behaviours.

warning sign distraction

On reflection these behaviours are bothersome, actually they are more than bothersome, they are destructive! In saying that these behaviours have probably emerged as certain activities I need to do that were perhaps not prioritised ( i.e. they really were important but not urgent) and so ended up that I succumbed to periods of pure reactionary activity. This “reactionary” activity took immense pressure of me as I actually got a lot done but it was almost head down auto pilot stuff.

Seeing a goal about to manifest, a holiday on the horizon gave me a stupid ( in hindsight) belief that my reactionary behaviour was justifiable, needs must stuff.

Note to self: Round 8 in the battle of old vrs new goes to old. Time to lick the wounds, regroup and get back into the ring !




2 thoughts on “Week 8 – the Perils of Reaction

  1. aknovo01

    Good for you getting back in the saddle! I am also amazed at how the old self continues to kick up it’s heels every now and then! Reading your blog is relieving, makes me feel a bit more normal. Thank you so much for being in harmony!! Bless you!



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