WEEK 6 – Procrastination

Hmmmnnn, why have I been putting off writing this particular blog? 🙂

Lots of reasons/ excuses ranging from being lazy, to not taking responsibility, is it a chore? Wanting to have a great topic? Something of value to give the reader?

How about lack of focus, scattered and all of the shop?

Let’s tackle the lazy issue first!


We can all be a bit lazy at times, putting off a task or a chore for the immediate gratification of a TV show/football game, browsing thro Facebook, whatever distraction grabs your fancy at that time. Why do we do that? Are we really lazy or is there something else at work here at a deeper level?

I choose to believe that there is something deeper here as I know I’m not a lazy person 😉

You can find a plethora of advice on the internet about how to overcome it, believe me I’ve watched plenty of videos on the subject to avoid doing something !

So rather than WHAT to do about procrastination or HOW to overcome it let’s take a look at WHY we do it for a few minutes? All we are doing is actually giving problems to our future selves!!

Solving the Procrastination Puzzle  by  Timothy Psychyl, PhD. throws a facinating light on this subject and his lecture below is really worth a look!


There is plenty of scientific evidence out there to back up WHY we are prone to procrastination.

Our Limbic system is a a part of our brain that governs amongst other things our survival mechanisms and in there our basic yearning for pleasurable outcomes. Procrastination is often used as a basic tool to dodge a perceived or real chore as we succumb to an or any activity to sate our instant gratification limbic response.

We can analyse this to death, seek explanations from many sources but in the end I think this little story sums it up:

Picture this: A very busy manager who like so many tended to procrastinate over certain admin tasks and as a result usually ended up doing them last minute in prep for staff briefings  thereby causing said manager to be a few minutes late for meetings on a regular basis.

This manager arrived late one day for a local business networking event and after uttering an apology for being late the chairperson responded “Thats OK, it was your choice to be late”

WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM ……. that remark hurt, it cut deep but it was a serious wake up call,  an AHA moment !!

CHOICE!  Taking responsibility for our thoughts and feelings, becoming aware of our actions especially our sabotaging actions, our habits, patterns and CHOOSING to change, to embrace a new way(s) of thinking, behaving, creating new neural pathways thereby creating new mental blueprints.

A final thought for you to ponder: You make a decision to stop procrastinating, you know deep inside that this will result in you becoming more successful/fulfilled as you achieve all those things you only ever dreamed about, you see yourself in the future being happy , living the dream but there is a mental separation between who you are now and that person you have become , as if that person (you) is a stranger because they are living the life you desire & you are not. WHAT IF you made a conscious effort to befriend that new you, turn that new you into a dearly beloved trusted friend?  If your new best friend asked you to do something to help them would you let them down by not doing it?  Would you procrastinate now? 😉


3 thoughts on “WEEK 6 – Procrastination

  1. Robert Rea

    Nice blog. I was able to follow along because I have suffered from procrastination a lot. I love to blame the world “without”. As you so delightfully stated about taking responsibility for your actions, we must use our minds to get us past this enemy of life – Procrastination. Thank you for the time you spent writing this for me. I felt every word as though you were sitting on a rock up in the mountains and talking to me as a friend


    1. MKMMAwendyht

      Aloha Sandra, Thank you so much for your great blog! I’ve been a procrastinator for decades – obviously supplying the addiction to certain peptides!! I really appreciate how you finished your blog. It’s very inspiring. Mahalo



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