WEEK 5 …. So you have an opinion?

Who do you know is opinionated?

Have you an opinion on something? On everything? 🙂  Of course we all have opinions  e.g.  sports ( yeah, Australia will defo win the rugby because  blah blah blah, the Government is a mess because blah, blah, blah etc etc

So let me share a major lesson I learned this week.


If I’m to get a clarity and focus around my own thoughts, beliefs and values what “supporting” messages am I flooding my brain with when I give or express an opinion? How are these opinions generated, from where do they come? From what basis, education, experiences, environment did I formulate these opinions?

Kaboooooommmm! Another slap! My ego is not enjoying this process of self reflection and analyses because he/she is being exposed … ha ha ha!

I’ve been so unwittingly attached to my opinions, not openly expressing them always but silently reaffirming over and over in my mind, too often engaged in conversations where I was only half listening, waiting like the tiger in the long grass for my chance to pounce in with words or wisdom/advice & judgement. Ego based BS as I once again got to show off how much I think I know about personal growth & development and at the same time yearn to share with people, to “help” them see the light, perhaps set them on a path of self discovery and self direction.

Big Aha moment! My opinions were emanating from ego based attachment to historic events, to people who influenced me,  to education etc & all for the purpose of feeling in control, self determined.

How on earth was I ever going to really move forward in my own thinking, creating my own thoughts, thereby my own reality if I was still attached (subconsciously!) to past influences, evidenced by expressing opinions!!!! My flippin’ opinions were linked to attachments formulated & perpetuated by my ego!

For me to really embrace growth and change I’ve decided to detach from my current reality in order to create a new one. Boy is my ego having fun with this decision 🙂

So the work begins in earnest for me.    No more opinions, even in my head, just non- judgemental observing go forward.

Opinions don’t matter:

Have a great week !


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