Week 4 …. Manifesting!

Another very interesting week!

The importance of singlemindedness, focus, strong intention and taking action really hit home this week as my mind was engaged in achieving a positive outcome on an issue that was taking a long time ( over 7 weeks!) to resolve. waiting

For whatever reason the universe conspires to “test” your resolve, your ability to just figure something out, to bring an issue to a favourable conclusion (or start even 🙂 ) …. that reason was exploded today!

A very strong desire, attached to lots of prayers ( from my darling wife 🙂 ) and more importantly taking specific yet decisive action yielded an outcome that has made us very very happy today. Holding a firm belief that whatever outcome resulted would be the best certainly manifested today and we are so grateful !

Whether you want to admit it or not we are all in a race …. the human race and unfortunately too many of us have being running this race for too long:

Clarity is so important for one to speed up the attainment of ones desires. Events this week, both personally and especially in work really hammered that message home to me.  On a daily basis I’m witnessing so many people running around like headless chickens, “thinking ” they are functioning to the best of their abilities, achieving results ( but for who?) yet totally out of congruence with who they really are.

Caught it the merry-go-round of WHAT do I need to do next and HOW do I get it done without overstressing myself … too many of us just don’t take the time to ask ourselves WHY am I doing this !!!

Whose VALUES have we bought into?   For what purpose?   A wage?


Perhaps this fantastic & enlightening talk will throw some light on our backward thinking process:

I’ve been put back on my rear end on reflection around certain goals I’ve been looking to clarify over the past few weeks. Asking the question WHY I want these goals to show up in my life has really got me thinking.

OK, time for more action now!

I’ve acquired a taste for almost instant manifestation so lets see what else I can cause to show up in the next few days 🙂


4 thoughts on “Week 4 …. Manifesting!

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