WEEK 3 …… Blast OFF!!!

Right, where do I start?  Week 3 and life is super fantastic!

Last Sundays webinar was absolutely amazing, so full of nuggets and butt kicking, ego thumping, “I know it ” bashing information that so resonated with me!

The so simple yet elusive concept of inserting little habitual chores/activities into my daily life seemed a bit childish to be honest until I got the “karate chop” from the immature Karate Kid clip:

I can see myself really getting into this blog writing thing having been quiet resistent to it initially.

You see I’m a talker, not a writer 🙂 but that is changing.

In fact, a lot is changing and changing for the better. Did you ever feel a time in your life that everything was just starting to slot into place? That the ducks were starting to line up for you? A sense of everything you do, touch seems to start going your way or if not exactly what you expect that something better shows up?

I’ve experienced this many times before and it feels fantastic.

I’ve also experienced the other side of it too but this time I actually feel more in control of this unfolding. It’s stemming from a more conscious awareness of my thinking.

Without a doubt the daily discipline of reading the prescribed lessons in the Masterkey by Haanel & The Greatest Saleman in the World by Og Mandino is causing a shift.

When a friend said to me today he was going to block me on Facebook I knew I was absolutely moving in the right direction.

So still weaving my masterpiece of definitive purpose, tweaking and re_tweaking despite some slight “resistance”, some shuffling of the deck chairs on the Titanic still popping into the frame but all is good, great even as the layers are peeled back.

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings as the work continues on this friend(s):

Habit (2)


2 thoughts on “WEEK 3 …… Blast OFF!!!

  1. masterkeyrea

    Hello Declan, Goodness you are far away and right in the room with me in your story. I’m a talker also and moving to balance. This journey is just exciting and we are/can do well here.



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