WEEK 2 – Challenging!

What a week I’ve just been through!

So much achieved yet so much left undone. It is so amazing when you consciously attempt to take control of your thoughts, even just for a few minutes throughout the day

Simple tasks like reading a short Chapter in a book 3 times a day can evade you once you let your mind slip back into the same old same old daily modus operandi of auto pilot living.

That said I’m loving the challenge, the small wins achieved everyday as my sporadic attention span improves almost magically, it’s like I get a kick in the butt from an invisible force.

These simple exercises I’m doing ( my reading, sitting in stillness for 15 mins etc) are having a profound effect. Whilst the results so far are barely noticeable to the untrained eye my nearest and dearest is already commenting on the positive changes.

In hindsight I’ve really ever only played around with these exercises before expect perhaps 15 years ago when first introduced to meditation I did some great work on myself, only to slip in and out of it ever since.

Now I’m back on track, still being challenged by old me but really up for this challenge as I feel the point mounting up in my favour as each round is fought & won!

Being honest with myself, really open, non judgemental and acknowledging ego is allowing a sense of clarity to wash over me in the process of fine tuning my lifes purpose.

More importantly this process is defining it in such a meaningful way as to facilitate it’s unfolding with little effort, a sort of it’s just evolving and happening.

This may be sounding a bit airy fairy but it’s how I feel and that’s all that matters to me 🙂


One thought on “WEEK 2 – Challenging!

  1. Sandra Owen

    Love you honesty Declan. Bravo for noticing when you have slipped a little and are able to jump right back on the proverbial horse. So looking forward to seeing what unfolds for you over the next 6 months.



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